Palas Aventurine Lotus Purity Bracelet

$14.00 $32.00
By Palas

Natural gemstone bracelets featuring a lotus flower charm, resembling purity of the heart and mind, the perfect gift to inspire new beginnings. 

You may just love the colour or want to gift someone a themed gift of 'protection' or 'love' or you may connect with the healing properties gemstones are believed to embody and symbolise.

  • 19cm length (4mm round bead)

  • Aventurine, and brass                                           

Meaning: Aventurine is believed to magnify the energies of prosperity and abundance, calm and balance. Aventurine is believed to help you to make decisions and boost self-confidence. If a life change is causing stress, aventurine may create emotional calm and a sense of overall well-being. 

The quality gemstones are natural (undyed) and slight colour variances to what is pictured may occur which makes each piece even more unique.